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Windows 7 ROG 32 dan 64 bit (Republic Of Gamers)

Windows 7 ROG Multiboot adalah versi lain dari Windows 7, seperti halnya Windows XP black atau versi lainnya. Ada dua pilihan yang ditawarkan saat anda menginstall Windows 7 ROG Multiboot, dengan tambahan aplikasi multimedia (Mediacenter, MediaPlayer, IE8, DVD maker) dan tanpa tambahan aplikasi multimedia. Tampilan dekstopnya dapat anda lihat seperti gambar dibawah ini.

File ISO nya aq pecah jadi 14 part, bagi yang mau download Windows 7 ROG 64-bit silahkan klik link mediafire ini.
Update : bagi yang laptop atau komputernya pake yang 32 bit, ini proses upload Windows 7 ROG 32-bit udah kelar. File ISO nya aq pecah jadi 9 part, silahkan klik link mediafire ini.

pass : malankiano

Thanks to Neuropass from NewAge-OS.com for letting me share this with you..

Code name:_____ROG
Language:______English US
Size:__________2.7 GB  ISO
Version based:__7 Professional and Professional N (two edition integrated)
License:_______30 days trial

Here is another 7 release, this time inspired by the ASUS ROG Motherboard Series.

This release has been modded by keeping in mind a "standard default configuration".
The goal was to obtain a fresh installed OS with all the settings in the right place
by default, rather than going manually through all the adjustments one by one.
When you format and install a new OS you waste a lot of time, (setting up windows,
registry setting, icons etc...)
I used Windows 7 Professional as a base version for this release, simply because
7 Professional comes without backup and bit locker features.
Dism has been used to integrate updates and removing useless packages like
"The upgrading version option" (the annoying entry in the control panel that bothers you
to update to the ultimate version), Country packages and others...

You will have two installation choices:

1- "Windows 7 ROG" with full multimedia supports, (Suggested for every day use)

2-"Windows 7 ROG N" with No multimedia. (no Mediacenter, no MediaPlayer, No IE8, no DVD maker.) Keep in mind that the rating system will not be working in this version. This because the "N" has no multimedia support. To have it working you have to install the mediapack from Microsoft. This will reinstall all the packages above and fix the rating issue. (If you ask me, that is a bug that Microsoft should be fix.)

Visual Customization: (default)

Special ROG theme
System icons
System sounds
Media center full customization
Media player (background changer)
System Fonts (Only ROG THEME)

Default setting and registry setting:

Removed the imposed default 100 Mb Partition upon installation. (Now you can install windows with no hidded partition)
Window panes optimized for 1920x1200 display
new "right click " options on files and desktop
(icons added)
No IE8 on taskbar
Shell extension (Show hidden files, show files extension)
Windows switcher
DEP off
Automatic system restore point off
paging file 2048 Mb (you can even turn it off completely if you want to)
Power plan, High performance
Boot selector name Personalized (ROG and ROG N)

Windows Updates Integrated:


Programs Installed (Version 1 ROG):

Winrar 3.92 Final
Perfect Disk 10 build 129
Notepad 2
Media center browser
MicroAngelo on display
Registry workshop
Flash and activex plugin
Directx 10, 11 February 2010

Programs Installed (Version 2 ROG N):

Winrar 3.92 Final
Perfect Disk 10 build 129
Notepad 2
Videolan 1.05 lite (Special modded version with mediaplayer skin and less disk space utilization about 51 mb VS 76 of the original)
MicroAngelo on display
Directx 10, 11 February 2010
Systweak Cache boost
game for windows live drivers ver
Alchohol 120 ver
SPTD 1.62

Fix for games: (version 2 ROG N)

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